Warehouse Senior Supervisor

Full Time
Application ends: January 31, 2023
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Job Description

Requirement: Minimum SPM/Certificate holder with 5 years warehouse working experience and at least 2 years in supervisory role.

1. Responsible for overall day-to-day Product warehouse and inventory operations and management.

2. Coordinate and monitor the smooth delivery of finished goods from production to product warehouse

3. Ensure right document provided for warehouse and freight forwarders and right shipping document attached and/or provided for the shipment

4. Management of expired products and return from customer

5. Manage employees are trained and certified in carry out the duty and training are documented.

6.Complies with environment, security, health and safety requirements

7. Conduct regular 5S activities keeping the general material storage areas clean & tidy & also ensuring that materials are always neatly & safely arranged

8. Assist any other duties as may be directed by the superior

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